Hi H.O.M Babe:)

First thing, the transitioning szn collection did amazing! I launched the collection and strictly focused on those items. That allowed me to see how much profit I could make versus making a few sales then buying more "fast fashion"product. Remember.. I am taking my time a try a new approach.

While letting that collection take its course I was brainstorming.. I mean REALLY brainstorming. So a friend of a friend came up with this fire logo for branded sweatsuits (sneak peak below). Listen, when I tell you I have been trying to come up with a logo for "street wear" apparel for years and nothing ever turned out right. This guys made me a logo in 5 days & I ABSOLUTELY love it!

That's the news!

I am officially branding product for HouseOfMeme's


This is the mock design that he created for me. Fire right? I love how the hearts go into 'e' indicating MEME. It took me a while to realize that lol. Also, the pink on pic is *chief's kiss*. Not sure if you can tell but the logo is glitter as well (solely for the purpose of the sweat suit).
Currently, I am in the process of purchasing nice quality sweat suits, choosing two colors to release, and choosing a release date. As of right now my plans are to release the pink on pink and black sweat suit with the pink logo. The placement, as of right now, will be exactly like the mock up- top & bottom.
I am super excited for the release and will announce a release date soon. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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